Costume 3 pièces noirCostume 3 Noir


Jacket • Vest • Pant
Costume Croisé BeigeCostume Croisé Beige


Jacket • Pant
Costume Bleu 2 PiècesCostume 2 pièces bleu


Jacket • Pant
Blazer marron pieds de pouleBlazer marron


Jacket Only
Ensemble Costume 2 Pièces Homme Dakar
Buy now our men's 2-piece straight suit sets (jacket and pants) available in many colors and sizes
Costume de mariage homme Dakar Moubarak Shop
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3 Piece Suit Beige Uni
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You deserve a classic suit every time. Now you can have one with our two and three piece suit sets available in a variety of colors for each individual piece.

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Different men like different styles and Moubarak Shop perfectly understands this. We offer business suits, party suits, blazers, wedding tuxedos, pants, and shirts. We also have many men's accessories such as ties that are perfect for everyday use or for special occasions.

With a wide selection of the latest fashion trends, Moubarak Shop will make sure you always look your best

Ensemble costume croisé noir pour hommeEnsemble costume croisé noir pour homme
Mahamoudou Z
Ensemble costume 3 pièces noir pour hommeEnsemble costume 3 pièces noir pour homme
Ensemble costume bleu pour mariageEnsemble costume bleu pour mariage
Judicaël N.
Ensemble costume 3 pièces bleu pour hommeEnsemble costume 3 pièces bleu pour homme
Ensemble costume 3 pièces rouge bordeaux  pour hommeEnsemble costume 3 pièces rouge bordeaux  pour homme



I recommend the black double-breasted suit to everyone. I'm not a suit guy, but this one is perfect for my corporate job. The fit is great and it's super comfortable to wear! I'm so glad I made it.

Mahamoudou Z
Moubarak Shop offers a wide variety of quality suits. I love the fact that they are always innovating and introducing new fabrics, patterns and colors.

My experience with your suits is unequivocal, I can say that it is one of the best value for money I have ever seen, I received a lot of appreciation for my outfits.

Judicaël N.

A high quality suit. I feel too comfortable and super elegant. And I have to admit that whenever I wear it, I don't leave anyone indifferent!😎 Thanks Moubarak Shop for making me feel like a Boss

Mohamed O.

Recently, I ordered a blue double-breasted suit from this great online store. It is absolutely the most perfect suit for my work wear. The fabric is so comfortable and the fit is so flattering, I'm very happy with it!

Amza T.

Very good quality products, I must admit that I had the opportunity to choose several models 😅, the design of the suits, the finesse of the sewing, the quality of fabrics ... just the top of elegance. In addition to the quality of the service, I also noticed the availability. Thank you Mub's. All, Place your orders. Go get it now!!!!!


I ordered a 3-piece blue set and I'm really happy with it. The fabric is of excellent quality with a rare pattern, it is not too expensive and it is very classy. Although I had to come all the way to Dakar for this suit, it was worth the trip.

Bamba S.

I am a graduate student and needed a suit for my graduation speech. I searched online and found this suit store. The quality was excellent and I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. I will definitely be buying more.

Thierno D.

I was very satisfied with the quality of my suit. I have purchased several suits and they are all great. The suit is comfortable to wear and very well made. I get a lot of compliments at work every time I wear them

Parfait O.

Quality Guarantee

The brand of our suits is certified finest quality made in Turkey


We deliver everywhere in Dakar within 24 hours after validation of the order. You can pay on delivery in Dakar

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Customer Service: +221 76 855 95 08


Les suit sets are sold at FCFA 60.000 without the ties and without the shirt. The shirts and ties are sold separately and you can buy them in the category accessories.

The answer is yes. You can
actually see the suits, try them on and check the quality of the fabrics before buying.We are located in Medina Street 11X12 building Daviva second floor on the left.

You can write to us via WhatsApp on this number: +221768559508

Yes. If you know your exact suit size and live in Dakar, we can deliver within 24 hours.

To find out your suit size, we have provided a size guide for each page of the relevant product. Click here to see the jacket sizing guide: Size guide