Le guide complet des costumes professionnels

What color is right for you? The complete guide to professional suits

The color of a suit is not just about what you wear on your body. It also reflects your personality and the type of company you work for. Here are the most common professional suit colors.

  • A blue suit is often associated with masculinity, power and authority. It is also a color that can be worn with confidence to create a successful impression. It is a popular color for professional suits. It can be seen on most businessmen. It is a color that can make you look more professional and conservative in your business attire.
  • A black suit can be worn for corporate events or formal occasions. It is associated with luxury, elegance and sophistication. You should not wear it if you want to look professional but rather elegant. Black is another popular color for professional suits, which can be seen on most businessmen and judges in the courtroom.
  • Gray is the current color of suits that are typically worn in professional environments. It will look professional and is considered "safe".
  • Brown suits are a safe choice for professional attire. They will have warm tones and can be seen in a variety of industries, such as law enforcement. Brown is the color of luxury brands like Burberry and Gucci.
En conlusion, The appropriate color depends on your business, industry or profession as well as your personality. However, the colors of professional suits are generally dark and are available in a wide variety on our site.

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